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If you are a business owner or a professional in any niche you may hear the term optimize or optimization repeatedly when it comes to search engines or online marketing. Before we go into what it means to optimize your Facebook pages let’s get a clear definition of what optimization means first.

Dictionary.com defines optimization as the following:

  1. the fact of optimizing; making the best of anything.
  2. the condition of being optimized.

While this definition isn’t as specific as it could be regarding online optimization, however, it does provide some insight on what actions you should be taking with your web pages. Specifically, “Making the best of anything” and “the condition of being optimized”.

Dictionary.com further goes on to provide contemporary examples of optimization from the web for more clarification:

Optimization is techniques that allow people to discover you, just like the meta-text of a website.


At Holts Brothers Internet Marketing Solutions Inc, we define optimization as: Helping people find you or your business for terms related and relevant to your niche.

So now that you have a better idea of what optimization means let look at how this actually apply to creating and developing Facebook Page.

After you have Created your Facebook Page you will be prompted to complete various information fields such as the Name, Address, Phone number, Website, and description of your business. Optimization in this context would be to completely fill out this information for your business or brand and in the fields that you can add a description or background information to include as many keywords that your are targeting that makes sense.

In the sections below we will point out some of the key areas that you should pay attention to when developing your Facebook page. However, please note that you want to fill all applicable fields 100%. This is what it means to optimize.

Adding or Updating your Facebook page Business Information

Upon creating your Facebook page, in order to fully optimize your page, we recommend that you complete each section pertaining to your business information. This process is very easy and effortless to accomplish. If you follow the instructions below we will show you what each step will look like pictorially.

  1. Click About on the left side of your PageHolts Brothers Internet Marketing Solutions Facebook Tips
  2. Clicking the About button will then take your business or brands about page where you will click Edit Page Info on the right side of the middle section of the page.Holts Brothers Internet Marketing Solutions Facebook Tips
  3. After you click the “Edit Page Info” Link shown above a pop-up window will appear and you will have four options to choose from in which to input your information. These options include “General”, “Contact”, “Location”, and “Hours”.When you Click on the General tab you will see fields where you can put in your company or brand name. The area in which you want your business to be categorized. Choosing the correct category can mean a lot regarding where and how your business is ranked. One way to make sure you are in the correct category is to go to your competitor’s pages and see where they are categorized and put in the same or relative category if your business is a bit more specific. A description of your company and the Impressum. In the description section, you want to sprinkle keywords such as your company/ brand name and words that you want to rank for.
  4. The “Contact” tab will have fields such as your company’s phone number, website or blog, and email address. The information you provide here has two-fold value where on one hand you are adding your website link and building a business citation with one of the most powerful social media platforms online today. So this means that you will be adding some trust and authority to your website.Holts Brothers Internet Marketing Solutions Facebook Tips
  5. The Location tab is available and applicable to any place where your business is conducted or people can potentially visit. If you have an address we would recommend adding this information as it too adds to your business citation consistency and credibility.
    Holts Brothers Internet Marketing Solutions Facebook Tips
  6. Under the Hours tab, there will 4 additional options that you can choose from that is pretty self-explanatory. Those options would include: “Open on selected hours”, “Always Open”, “No hours available” and “Permanently closed”. While at some point in time we may dive deeper into these options, the most commonly used option and what we will display in this post will be the “Open on selected hours”. Using this option will present the days of the week and the hours that you are open on these days.Holts Brothers Internet Marketing Solutions Facebook Tips
  7. Once you have completed inputting your company or brand information, all you will have to do is click the “X” button at the top of the page. Facebook now automatically saves the work that you do so you no longer have to worry about what information was retained.

We hope that you have enjoyed this lesson and hope that you come back for more information on various social media and Local Sacramento SEO Tips! If you have any questions please contact us!