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Anything that can be done to improve the SEO for your business is a positive thing. You need every advantage that you can get when going up against your competition. You should know how important it is to optimize your website for SEO and that social media is a powerful tool to get your brand out there. However,  there are other tools in available to you that can help you in regards to SEO. A simple and often overlooked tool that can really improve online rankings are local citation / business citations.
What are local citation or business citations? This is any time your business is mentioned on the internet, regardless of whether or not there is a link associated with the mention.  It can reference the name of the company or along with other important information for people to contact the business.  A full local citation includes all of the information for the company while a partial local citation only includes some of this information.
In fact, business citations can actually be one of the top factors for getting higher SEO rankings. It is estimated that citations can factor intolocal citations holts brothers internet marketing solutions about 25% of your ranking. This is due to a huge part of the algorithms that Bing and Google have in place to decide on how search engines will rank online pages. If your SEO ranking is very similar to one of your competitors, the site with the greater amount of local citations will end up getting the better spot on the search list. When these citations come from reputable sources like Superpages, it can help improve how much the citations can help you. Local citations are also important because it can validate your business, which is important for people who want to only deal with reputable businesses as well as for SEO purposes. By focusing your attention on local directories and industry-focused blogs or directories, you are going to do wonders for your SEO ranking.
Business citations can do a lot for your local businesses in regards to SEO. That is why you need to make sure that your name gets out there, especially to reputable sites. Businesses need to get every advantage that they can and business citations / local citations can give you that extra push to get noticed on search engines. There are ways that you can get your name out there and it is so important that you do. People will see your name on sites such as the local Chamber of Commerce or on a popular blog for your industry.